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In November 1992, the Japanese prince rubber into corporation and anti-corrosion equipment factory is a joint venture established the jingjiang prince jingjiang county anticorrosion engineering co., LTD.
(registered capital of $2.38636 million. China accounted for 69%, Japan 31%)
A capital increase for the first time in September 1993, registered capital of 2.7272 million us dollars
40% (40% capital ratio: Japan, China)

1995 - June second capital, total investment of $3.8 million, with registered capital of $3.27272 million
(capital: the two sides each accounted for 50%)

July 1997, capital increase, the total investment of us $4.95 million for the third time, "kuriyama corporation with registered capital of 4.0909 million us dollars investment of $4.0909 million
Prince (Japan China "kuriyama 40% 40% 40%)
In December 1998, kunming new business address

In October 2000, the Japanese "kuriyama corporation acquisition of the Chinese capital, and the prince became Japan sole-source investment enterprise, changed its name to jingjiang prince rubber co., LTD
(Japan prince, "kuriyama corporation 60% and 40%)
In December 2001, imported Japanese flake lining equipment, formed the scale workshop, construction area of about 300 m2 in January 2002 and started production

January 2002 through the ISO 9001 (2000 version) international quality system certification

02, 2005 the introduction of automatic vacuum molding machine 2 sets

02, 2006 jingjiang top 30 enterprises in jiangsu province

Sep 2006 imported 3000 tons of moulding machine

04, 2006 the introduction of automatic vacuum molding machine 2 sets

02, 2008 in nuclear power plant in guangdong province of overlying water large expansion joint orders (phi 2700 x16)

In March 2008, obtained ISO9001-2008

In October 2009, the introduction of 2009 tons of moulding machine

In December 2009, become the prince rubber into corporation holding 100% owned subsidiary

01, 2010 in nuclear power plant in zhejiang province of overlying water of large diameter expansion joint orders (2700 phi x48)

In December 2010, the introduction of vacuum extruder calender line, new starting point of the production of high quality lining rubber sheet

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